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Pension is less, why?    I want money back, not pension.

(Notice Board updated on 25.08.2008)

Assumed charge

Shri R. Subhash, Regional PF Commissioner Gr.I has assumed charge of Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Kerala, Lakshadweep and Mahe with effect from 11.8.2008

Interest Rate notified for the period 2007-08 as 8.5%

Table B and Table D have been revised. These tables are used in calculating pensionery benefits including withdrawal benefit

Life Certificate

During November/December every year, all pensioners should submit the life certificate & remarriage certificate (if Widow/Widower) to EPFO for the continuation of Pension from January onwards. EPFO-Kozhikode has received 29,988 such certificates till 04.7.2008 out of the total 34,673 pensioners.

EPF Balance / Account details

EPF Account compilation for the year 2006-07 finished at the EPF offices. Slips already issued to all members. Employer share will be much lesser than Employee's share as 8.33% of wages is diverted to pension fund from employer share

Account compiliation for 2007-08 is to be started from April, 2008 provided the Govt. issues the NOTIFICATION of the declaired interest of 8.5% by that time.

All India EPF Claim Status at www.epfindia.nic.in

The status of Applications submitted at any EPF offices in the country can be known from the site www.epfindia.nic.in. In addition to the Region, Office, Est.Code & Employee Number, one should also feed the Bank account number or Fathers name to access the information

All Kerala EPF Website

Website covering all the EPFO Offices of Kerala State can be accessed at http://www.epfkerala.in

Assumed Charge

Shri R. Venkitaraman, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner has taken the charge of Officer In-charge of EPFO-Kozhikode
Shri Sampath, Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner has taken the charge of Officer In-charge of EPFO-Kannur


Central Govt. has approved the rate of interest @ 8.5% per annum on monthly running balance in the accounts of EPF subscribers for the year 2005-2006 vide Ministry of Labour & Employment letter No. R-11018/01/03-SS.II(pt) dated 10.01.2006.

EPS pension through POST OFFICEs stopped!

Consequent to the amendment of Savings Account Rules 1981 vide Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance (DEA) Notification G S R No. 509 (E) dated 27-07-2005 Post Office cannot permit operation of savings Account by other than individuals viz. Public Account maintained by Employees Provident Fund Organisation, after 31-12-2005.

Hence those who draw EPF pension from Post Office are advised to open Savings Bank Account in any of the pension disbursing Banks viz. State Bank of India, Indian Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank,Syndicate Bank or Canara Bank and intimate your S B A/c No along with attested copy of Bank pass book and the pensioner's portion of Pension Payment Order to this office. It may be noted that pension from January 2006 onwards can be disbursed through your new Bank Account only.

Pensioners should submit Life certificate every year

All Pensioners should submit Life certificate (Non-Remarriage Certificate is also required in case you are a widow/widower pensioner) during November or before 10th of December every year , else Pension will be stopped from January onwards. Contact your Bank to get this certificate.

For faster settlement :

  • Make sure that your application is filled in correctly and with all required details. Please avoid these common defects.clik to see
  • Make sure that your application reaches this EPF office at the earliest. Then you can see the status as 'Processing' at website. It doesn't matter when you submitted it to your employer/company. It is often seen that your company takes more time to complete the work on their part and sent the application to this office. (upto 2 months).
  • Please note that 90% of applications are settled by EPFO, Kozhikode within 15 calendar days.verify
  • Cheques are sent by post directly to your bank account except for money order. If total amount involved is less than 2000/-, you may, in application, opt for money order payment. (If amount is more than 500/- MO commission will be deducted.).
  • If your bank is not a local bank (not at Kozhikode or Kannur), first the cheque will reach your bank, then they will sent it to SBI,Kozhikode or SBI,Kannur for clearence and then only, amount will reach your account. It is seen that, sometimes these activities take upto 20 days. Collection charges will be deducted for outstation cheques.Under no circumstances, cheques will be issued directly to the member.

To BPL subscribers:

From BPL subscribers, many enquiries regarding the transferring of accounts is obtained. In this regard, please note the following points:
  1. The Balance in the site will be updated only if your epf account is compiled for the accounting year. Compilation process include: crediting interest, crediting transfer-in, effecting transfer-out, withdrawals, settlement etc.
    This procedure is done only once in an year.

    Till this compilation, the Opening Balance is displayed. (except this OB, no other data will available online till the authenticity of those data is certified)
  2. While transferring to Exempted ( eg. Transfer from KR/2260/ to KR/2260/Ex/) Provident Fund Balance is transferred to BPL Officers PF Trust Bangalore and the Pension Fund is kept at this office. So the Provident Fund balance can not be known from this office. Regarding the Pension Fund balance, the amount in that account is not much important, as for calculation of pension, the amount in Pen.Fund is not considered. Only the service and the average of salary is important. It is the duty of EPFO to recover the Pension Fund amount from Establishments
  3. For transfer you have submit Form-13 through your employer clearly writing the From and to account numbers.
  4. The status of this application for transfer (Whether done or not) can be verified from site or from office at that time. This information is kept on site for 45 days from the date of receipt of the application.


No ceiling of salary for availing the epf benefits. But age should be less than 58 or retirement age as per the law. But the employer need not to contribute to Provident fund or Administrative charges on behalf of the amount which is more than 6500/- salary per month. Eg: consider 2 employees. One is drawing 6400/- and the other 10,000/- per month as per official records. Apart from the Employees own contribution to PF, the employer has to remit Rs. 6400*12/100 to PF on behalf of first employee and Rs.6500*12/100 on behalf of 2nd employee. (out of this 12%, 8.33% goes to Pension Fund) Further employer has to remit administrative charges at the prescribed rates on Rs. 6400+6500